Below are basic calculators, should come in handy when designing a pinhole camera.

  • Film Format Diagonal

  • Required Angle of Coverage
  • Required Angle of Coverage (rAoC) depends on film to hole distance & its diagonal (among other things)
  • Required minimum AoC for given FHD & D

  • Angle of View
  • Angle of View depends on film frame size and distance to pinhole, for rectangular formats it is the wide dimension that matters

  • Optimal Pinhole Diameter (OPD)
  • George Airy's diffraction-limited formula
    OPD = √(2.44*FHD*λ)
  • Rayleigh's formula
    OPD = √(3.66*FHD*λ)

  • F-Stop Calculator
  • F-stop = FHD / PD


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