Shoot on Silver Campaign


Shoot on Silver is the campaign that will always stick to this site. Film and alternative techniques are relatively strong these days, especially considering the near complete take over of the photographic world by digital. How traditional imaging will continue in the years ahead remains to be seen. There was a quick downturn when digital […]

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Goerge Airy vs. Lord Rayleigh

AR principles

Pinhole photography appeals to many because of accessibility, unpredictability, and a relative low cost when starting out. The main principle of image formation is quite simple: a light passes through a small opening and upon reaching a screen in a dark room produces an image. This image, if projected onto a sensitized material, can then […]

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Looking forward to it

Photography is a rewarding hobby. Pinhole approach seems to offer some drama of unpredictability. Every effort we put into ensuring the envisioned outcome is counteracted by the few tangibles which cannot be fully controlled. Below images, as stated earlier are not true pinhole images. However, in my view they represent the charm of possibilities. Adding […]

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Pinhole basics


Pinhole photography attracts with simplicity and slow speed of image making (a digital camera conversion would give the instant gratification factor, which hopefully will have never become a norm). However, one would be ill advised thinking pinhole cameras are little more than a box with a hole and a sensitized medium behind it. Pinhole gives […]

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Why pinhole?

Hole of View

This is my latest fascination in the world of photography, images recorded through a seemingly simple “hole in a wall”. Much has been written on pinhole imaging, many books and articles have been published, and just as many a websites created to show, explain and demystify. What is interesting though is the fact that no […]

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